Staple Gregg to Some Orders

First read Staple Yourself to an Order.

It's tough to actually follow an order in your own organization.  You bring your own perceptions of what is going on to your observations.  Your people don't necessarily tell you all the bad news.  It takes time and experience to really go through your order management cycle.

There is an easier way.  Have Gregg come staple himself to some orders.

This assessment is approximately one and a half days long (depending on travel it can be extended to two days).  Gregg arrives the evening before, and starts bright and early at your fax machine.  He follows orders through order processing, credit, your warehouse, and invoicing.  He asks lots of questions.  If you have EDI or web order entry, he follows those orders through your systems (or lack of systems).

When he's followed a number of orders all through  your system, you get a report (usually in a day or two) that lists a number of options for improving your efficency and/or your effectiveness (e.g. making the process better for your customers).

All this is done for the discounted rate of $1,500 plus travel expenses (Vendor-Tech members get their 30% discount off this rate too).

Gregg is so confident of this assessment's effectiveness it comes with a money back guarantee on the fee if you don't get at least a half dozen implementable improvements.