Gift Industry Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys

Gift Industry Vendor:

What do your customers really think about your customer service?

Trip Van Roden and I were discussing that and decided to ask them. We used a modification of a customer service survey I have done for a number of manufacturers in the industrial, plumbing, and heating industries.

Here's a sample of the survey:

I challenge you do find out what your customers really think about your company's customer service.

I can set up the same survey for your company. All I need is a customer list with emails, your logo and in about 30 days you'll have the results for your company. The cost? $475 including sending up to 5,000 emails to your customers.

I'm attaching samples of the results you'd get back (the numbers are random, and the text is "greeking" in the samples).

But wait, there's more

The really interesting part of a number of companies doing these surveys is we can establish an industry benchmark.

Not only can you find out where you are doing well and where you need to focus on, you can see how you rate versus your peers.

Once we get a number of companies' results (at least a dozen), we'll send you back your results with the addition of the yellow highlighted section in the sample.

At GHTA we talked for several years about a lack of industry data. Here's your chance to actually get some data on your company and how you compare to other companies in the industry.

Interested? I can start collecting data for you within a week. Email me at gmarshall [at]

Gregg Marshall, CPMR, CSP

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Sample Results Page

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Sample Comments Page