You're on Linked In, So What?

How to Leverage Social Networking and Apply It to Your Business

How do you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and the up-to-the-second trends & tools to enhance your communications, networking, and sales opportunities?  How can new technologies have a positive impact on my business? This session will enlighten you with the back to basics, the do's & don'ts, and the pros and cons in this timely session to keep you in the ‘groove'.  You will feel empowered to use these technologies to strengthen your organization's strategies, market more effectively and share pertinent information. To help you take advantage of this latest phenomenon, we will cover:

  • Social networking orientation
  • Pro's and con's of social networking
  • How to apply to your business objectives
    • Internal communications
    • External communications
    • Team-building
    • Staffing and organization
  • Industry opportunities across supply chain
  • When, how, and why to build a strategy around social networking

This topic is changing rapidly and the exact content may change.