Using New Technology and the Internet as Strategic Business Tools

Find out what's hot in the world of technology and, more importantly, how your rep firm can best use existing and new technology, including the Internet, to improve your productivity, performance and profitability.

We'll look at common productivity software and how it can leverage your sales efforts. What software are reps most commonly using? What are your back office options? What options are there for contact managers? How can you use Excel for Sales Analysis? What about practical tips for making PowerPoint more useful for selling?

This session will also look at opportunities from a practical perspective. What can you do with e-mail newsletters? What should you expect from your web site? We'll look at using the web. There are still some relatively unknown travel sites that help save money. Many manufacturers are giving their reps access to order status, inventory availability and even order entry via the web. We'll look at examples and see how easy they are to set up. What about transferring other sales information via the web? Or doing your commission tracking, sales analysis, sales automation or accounting using web based or Application Service Provider based services.