Technology—Toy, Torture, or Tool?

Electronic Commerce and Its Impact on the Multiple-line Represe

Technology keeps changing at a mind blowing rate. Notebook computers that used to be state of the art for a year are now obsolete in less than 3 months. It's no longer practical to "keep up with the Gates."

We'll help you keep track of new trends in technology. What is going on with wireless, both local computer and cell phone technologies? How can you use GPS in your sales agency? We'll look at common productivity software and how it can leverage your sales efforts. What software is available for your handheld computer (Palm or PocketPC). Digital cameras are dropping in price, so is the cost of producing professional quality video. You can now carry your data on your key chain with solid state key disks, or record a three day meeting on a pocket sized digital recorder.

This session will look at opportunities from a practical perspective. For each toy, we'll see a practical application that might be the justification for that latest trip to the local computer store or on-line shopping expedition.

4 key take away points

  • What is Wi-Fi and why should you use it?

  • What's going on with cell phones, PDA's and combinations?

  • Is it time to upgrade your laptop?

  • What about digital photography (still and video)?