Sales Channel Improvement

Most indirect sales channels are leaving business on the table. If you feel your sales partners (manufacturers representatives or distributors) aren't getting you all the sales you think you should have, you're probably right.

Most manufacturing companies make it hard for their sales partners to do business.

Technology can help, but there is also an element of simply understanding what motivates them. There are vast opportunities to minimize paperwork, improve communications, and make your indirect sales efforts more effective. You can automate workflows and make it easier to get the information everyone needs, when they need it and where they need it.

How easy are you to do business with? We can survey your sales partners and identify areas where you can quickly and inexpensively improve your processes usually resulting in increases in sales.

Looking for new / additional sales partners? We can help with sales agency searches, interviewing, and hiring decisions.

Looking to get more out of your existing sales partners? We can review your existing processes and collateral materials, audit your sales partner needs, and help implement improvements. One often-overlooked need is adequate, on going training for sales partners and their employees.