Groups I've Spoken To

American Lighting Association (4 times)
American Specialty Toy Retailers Association
American Supply Association (8 times)
Association of Industry Manufacturers Representatives (8 times)
Auctioneers Institute (2 times)
Brokers Management Council
Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (7 times)
Cincinnati Fan Sales Meeting
Health Industry Representatives Association
MANA/ERA Small Representative Forum
Manufacturers Agents Food Service Industry (4 times)
Manufacturers Agents National Association (17 times)
Manufacturers Representative Association (2 times)
NASA (2 times)
National Ground Water Representatives
North American Industrial Representatives (3 times)
NxTrend Users Group
Office Products Representatives Association
Pacific Southwest Distributors Association (2 times)
PRO Group
Rocky Mountain Electronics Representatives Association
Rocky Mountain Inventors Club
Safety Equipment Manufacturers Agents Association
Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association
University of Colorado Denver
Wholesale Distributors Association (3 times)
Willy Loman Club