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Gregg Marshall, CSP, CPMR, is president of Rep Connection Inc., a consulting company that works to help maximize the effectiveness of manufacturers and their professional outsourced field sales forces (reps), especially in the area of electronic commerce. He also consults to a variety of companies on a wide range of business issues, ranging from strategic planning to airport security.

Gregg has over 20 years senior management experience in both technology and industrial industries. His experience runs the gamut from sales and marketing to operations and logistics. He is an experienced executive that manages through structure, processes, training and communication rather than micromanagement.

Until January 1, 2000, Gregg was president of J. N. Marshall Inc a manufacturers' representative in the plumbing and heating industry based in Denver, Colorado. Gregg joined J. N. Marshall Inc. in 1986 as its financial and administrative manager, replacing his uncle who passed away that year. He has also been general manager and executive vice president. Gregg engineered an employee buy-out of the company in 1997. J. N. Marshall Inc. was founded in 1949 by Gregg's father, Jim Marshall, who was forced into retirement at age 81 by a near fatal heart attack in 1994 while at an industry conference. Jim passed away August 18, 1997.

At its peak, with 14 outside salespeople, 7 inside sales people and an 83,000 square foot distribution center, J. N. Marshall Inc. was one of the largest agencies in the Rocky Mountain region. They had resident salespeople in Albuquerque, Billings, Boise, Denver, and Salt Lake City. J. N. Marshall Inc. was an early participant in the World Wide Web at "http://www.jnmarshall.com" and created the plumbing industry web links site "http://www.plumbinglinks.com" (neither of which is still on-line).

Prior to joining J. N. Marshall Inc., Gregg was president of Rocky Mountain Software Systems, a microcomputer marketing company in California. RMSS's "claim to fame" was Desktop Accountant, the only 4 function accounting package (GL/AR/AP/PR) to run on an Osborne I (and other CP/M and MS-DOS computers). RMSS also had a systems integration/hardware sales division.

Gregg is Past President of the Association of Industry Manufacturers' Representatives (AIM/R), the plumbing and heating rep association. He was vice-chairman of the Electronic Data Interchange Coalition of Associations (EDICA), chairman of the EDICA Education and Promotion Committee, chairman of the AIM/R Technology Committee, and the AIM/R EDI Task Force. He was also a member of the American Supply Association Center for Advancing Technology steering committee. Gregg is past chairman of the board of governors for the Institute for Professional Advancement, the organization responsible for the CPMR program. He was AIM/R's trustee to the Manufacturers' Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF). He was the V.P. Projects of MRERF. Gregg is a member of IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

He is a recognized expert and advocate for the use of electronic commerce, was active in industry EDI standards and technology efforts. He has been active in leadership positions in industry associations, where he was instrumental in being a change agent both within his company and industry associations.

Gregg has a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Utah, and a M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder, and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Gregg has written over 200 computer related articles for a variety of publications. He is a frequent speaker on technology and channel sales at industry association conferences.

His ability to manage multiple priorities through other people, strategic insights for the application of technology, and proven management experience ensures success leading technology or management initiatives.

He is a results-driven leader adept at utilizing technology and managerial skill to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. He is able to quickly assess and evaluate situations with a perspective that allows strategic insights that drive tactics. Gregg excels at systematically moving multiple complex issues/priorities forward simultaneously. A strong team builder, he is able to streamline operations, improve staff performance, and develop consensus.


Selected Achievements

Designed and implemented order entry, sales tracking, warehousing and inventory management system utilizing low cost networked PC's and 4th generation relational database system. System costs were a fraction of comparable systems implemented by other rep agencies.
Results: Sales per inside person increased from $4.1 million to $9.6 million. Inventory turns increased to 6 versus 3 for manufacturer-managed inventories. Service levels increased to 96+%.

Implemented Customer Relationship Management system using Goldmine software, including remote synchronization. Managed transition to CRM software.
Results: Inside and outside sales communication effectiveness increased substantially. Significant reduction in paperwork by outside salesmen, increasing time in front of customer 15%.

Changed sales tracking and reporting system from distribution of manufacturer supplied sales reports to electronic distribution of sales results via Excel spreadsheets distributed via e-mail. Trained salespeople how to manipulate Excel spreadsheets.
Results: Eliminated circulation of approximately 4,000 pages of computer reports per month. Resulting spreadsheets enabled salespeople to quickly identify potential customer defections.

Served on industry technology and standards committees. Was vice-chairman of Electronic Data Interchange Coalition of Associations, chairman of AIM/R Technology Task Force, only rep member on the American Supply Association Center for Advancing Technology steering committee. Wrote frequent articles in trade publications promoting e-Commerce implementation. Made numerous speeches to industry and rep association conferences.
Results: ASA EDIExpress reduced by an order of magnitude the effort required to implement EDI. Industry use of EDI, electronic catalogs, web sites, and other e-Commerce tools went from virtually nonexistent to industry adoption.

Senior software engineer for Vista GC 6000 gas chromatograph. Designed overall system architecture and Man/Machine Interface. Supervised a team of up to 6 programmers developing in assembly language, including developing configuration control and testing procedures. Involved in microprocessor selection for future products.
Results: Fewest bugs in Vista system when released. Design was basis of future instruments.

Worked with warehouse manager to redesign warehouse workflows and processes, changed warehouse compensation, implemented computer tracking of productivity.
Results: Reduced shipping times from 3 days to 24 hours while volume increased 133%.

Implemented internal product and skills training program for inside salespeople. Instigated tuition reimbursement program for all employees. Cooperating with other rep agencies developed audio and videotape training library.
Results: Any inside salesperson could answer most customer questions, increasing customer satisfaction. Two employees started degree programs. Tape library now contains 1,300+ tapes.

Leadership positions in Association of Independent Manufacturers' Representative, plumbing industry trade association. Acted as change agent during development of strategic plan, establishing momentum where all participants took ownership. As conference chairman developed inexpensive program that included 4 keynote level speakers and 21 concurrent breakout sessions, setting new standards for subsequent conferences. As president set and achieved 4 key goals:
  • Improve and increase the educational offerings of the association.
  • Have AIM/R take a more active role in the industry.
  • Continue to promote the rep function within the industry.
  • Improve committee structure and operations.
Results: Membership increased from 220 to 386 agencies. There is an AIM/R member now on every industry committee.

Engineered employee buyout and subsequent sale of J. N. Marshall Inc. Developed budgets, secured financing, designed buyout proposal and presented to board of directors. Evaluated potential for internal sale, talked with potential merger candidates, negotiated with competitors for sale of company, developing unique plan to split company up. Intimately involved in contract preparation and review.
Results: Purchased company for cash using borrowed funds, paid off within 2 years. Sale resulted in double expected returns. Every employee was placed in new positions.