60 Tech Tips in 60 Minutes

60 Technology Tips in 60 Minutes

These days, a portion of anyone's job description requires each of us to be a competent technology user. In this fast-paced session jam-packed you will learn the latest and greatest in technology tips including software and hardware, gadgets, utilities and the Web. Come to this session if you want to learn dozens of ways technology can help you provide better client service and get things done better, faster, and cheaper.

Given the ever changing technology world, every presentation is different and unique.

Among the topics included in previous presentations:

  • Getting the best travel deal
  • Organizing your email
  • Organizing your files and folders
  • Portable scanners, printers, etc.
  • Meetings, conference calls, on-line collaboration
  • Email blasting
  • Making your computer run faster
  • Carry your applications on a flash drive
  • Business use of digital cameras
  • Audio recording, podcasting
  • Video
  • "Handwritten" notes