Articles by Gregg Marshall

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"Keeping Track of It All With DF-DOC,"  FlexLines, July/August 1989

"Simple Bar Code Reading,"  FlexLines, May/June 1989

"A Very Successful DataFlex Developers Conference,"  FlexLines, May/June 1989

"The Big News,"  FlexLines, May/June 1989

"Communications, Data and Applications,"  FlexLines, March/April 1989

"Shirt Pocket Data Collection,"  FlexLines, January/February 1989

"Creating a New DataFlex Directory (and Other DFPATH Mysteries),"  FlexLines, January/February 1989

"FileMove -- An Improvement Over DFFILE,"  FlexLines, November/December 1988

"The Bar Code Primer,"  FlexLines, November/December 1988

"Getting it Right -- Faster: Flexview,"  FlexLines, September/October 1988

"Staying Current With DataFlex,"  FlexLines, September/October 1988

"Attention All FMAC Programmers, Understanding FMAC is Here!,"  FlexLines, September/October 1988

"When the DataFlex Manual, Encyclopedia and Primers Just Aren'tEnough,"  FlexLines, July/August 1988

"Internal Date Format,"  DataFlex Index, Jul-88

"There's More to REPORT than the Manual Says,"  FlexLines, March/April 1988

"PowerMac...Expanding DataFlex,"  FlexLines, March/April 1988

"A High-Performance Microprocessor-Controlled Gas Chromatograph,"  AmericanLaboratory, May-81

"Controlling a Varian Gas or Liquid Chromatograph With a Laboratory Computer,"  Varian Instrument Division Technical Bulletin 81-106, 1981

"DAL: Data Acquisition Language,"  Dr. Dobbs Journal, Nov-79

"A Floppy Disk Based File Management Peripheral,"  M.S. Thesis, University of Colorado,Boulder, May-79

"Tektronix Pictures Using NOVA Basic,"  NOAA Technical Memorandum ERLAL-8, Mar-77

"Metastable Dissociation of Multiply Charged Inorganic Ions,"  prepared as part of a directed studies course at the University of Utah, May-74

"A Method for Determining Particulates in the Atmosphere,"  presentedat the 9th Intermountain Junior Humanities and Science Symposium, University of Utah, Mar-71